Made a new Johari/Nohari.

My Johari: http://kevan.org/johari?name=gelque

My Nohari: http://kevan.org/nohari?name=Gelque

You can answer anon if you want.

  • *Credits roll for The Hobbit.*
  • Me: *Gets up to leave.*
  • Me: *Listens to the music as I go.*
  • Me: ...
  • Me: *Sits down and doesn't leave until it ends.*

We know each other too well.

My boyfriend and I had two Christmas get-togethers. His house on Christmas Eve and my house on Christmas Day. Some… weird things happened during the gift unwrapping on Christmas Day.

First, my boyfriend and my mom got presents for each other. We (me and my boyfriend) decided to get my mom some oil sprayers for cooking. Turns out my mom got my boyfriend the exact same thing. Not just the same brand, the same colors too!

Later, I got some presents from my mom. I got a lot of socks for some reason. One pack of socks included a pack of white and brown socks of various decorations. My boyfriend then gave me his present that he’d been hiding from me. I ripped it open and found…

…The exact same brand of brown and white socks with the exact same patterns.

Don’t ask me how this happened. I have no idea.


Checking the CoWorker section for gift ideas. They had a subsection for Desk Toys, which seemed interesting.

Most of the stuff in there is actually rather cool. Newton’s Cradle, sand toys, various physics toys even if only has a few. Fun stuff.

Then randomly, in the middle of the Desk Toys section…

…Is a stapler.


I’m checking out Amazon’s gift ideas site for… Well, gift ideas. I found the sections for boyfriends/husbands and girlfriends/wives. I decided to check it out.

Almost all of the girl stuff is overly girly and a lot of the guy stuff is very guy-ish, but also includes some cool things.

I ended up liking more ideas from the guy section than from the girl section.

I think that says something about me.

I think that says I don’t fit in with the popular perception of girlfriends.


Geminid meteor shower, why must you happen the night before an important exam and an important paper is due?


Gonna be gone for the rest of the week.

It’s Finals Week for me, and I have too much work to do to afford being on Tumblr all day.

If you see me posting here or replying to anything and it’s not Friday, reprimand me because that means I’m procrastinating.


Doing an initial analysis on the accuracy of my lab data.

One of the answers I have from one set of data I took is within 1% of the accepted value.



Clock, you’re saying it’s my bedtime?

But… But…



I managed to get most of my LaTeX code working and debugged! …Except for getting the PDF output to work properly. It works on a test code, but not my code.

I discovered today that I can it to build and upload a PDF properly if I remove the line “\usepackage{graphicx}”.

…Except the PDF is missing the images I need in the file.

But there’s a package for getting images to display in the file!

…It’s called “graphicx”.

Yeah, I’m having some difficulties.